The Ad Rodeo Association is the celebration of creative excellence in the Prairie provinces. Each year, Ad Rodeo provides creative professionals the opportunity to meet, talk, learn, mentor and celebrate what they do through several events that culminate in the Anvil Awards. The Anvil Awards represents the special talent and effort it takes to be recognized by your peers for creating the very best.

As a not-for-profit society, Ad Rodeo is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors and is devoted entirely to the development and support of industry members and young creatives. Partnerships with local and national sponsors allows us to promote mentorship and education through scholarships and facilitates internships at Calgary agencies.

While providing a benchmark for excellence, it is also one of the the vehicles in Calgary and western Canada to raise funds for NABS. With every successful event we are able to contribute funds to this vital organization that assists industry members through a variety of programs.

Board of Directors

Ad Rodeo President

Johnny Talisman - President jtalisman@mac.com

Past President

Dan King

Director of Special Events

Jaia Talisman jaia@maushausprod.com

Director of Sponsorship

Matthew Gillott mmmgillott@gmail.com

Director of Communications

Pene Yuen Pene.Yuen@gmail.com

Co-directors of Anvils Awards Gala

Karen Nguyen karenchloe@live.com

Stephanie Banszky stephanie_banszky@hotmail.com

Director of Judging & Entries

Mark Rowe mark@thevalleyyards.com


Leanne Lynk Leanne@premiumbooks.ca

Student Liasion

Samantha Beck sbeck393@mtroyal.ca


This is 100% volunteer and all Director positions (board members) are a two-year commitment. You preferably are a frequent volunteer, head of an organizing committee or part of a sub-committee for Ad Rodeo.

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