Request for Proposal: 2017 Anvil Award

The Adrodeo Association is looking for sculptors and artists that work with metal. The Anvil Awards is the annual spring gala to showcase the best design and advertising work in Calgary from the past year.  We will be redesigning our anvil trophies for the New Year.


We are requesting proposals for the design of the new Anvil trophies. Pieces should fit comfortably in hand and no larger than 6 inches long and 5 inches tall. Ideally pieces should have a way to be engraved somehow even if it is a separate base mount. If hired, artist will need to reproduce 50 similar copies for the year. This will also be a 4-year contract with chance of ongoing renewal. Adrodeo prefers metal anvils but other media can be considered if the design is well thought out and still looks like a metal anvil. All pieces must be completed by March 1, 2016.


Submission requirements

Please send in the following package to anvils@adrodeo.com no later than 4:30pm on July 31, 2016. Contract will be awarded by August 15, 2016.


  • Artist Statement
  • 5-10 images of current work (72 dpi max per file)
  • Proposal for Anvils creation with detailed images and medium
  • Proposed budget/price per unit for sculptures with breakdown of supplies and artist hours, etc.  (max $150 per unit)